There are a wide range of forums and trade shows focused on the business of eBusiness. Covering topics that address the issues of supply chain efficiencies and standards implementation, you’ll find the events below noteworthy.


Past WebinarsThe following presentations are available for download. Click a link below to download the PDF version. Additional webinar series will be added; check back for upcoming events.

Faster RosettaNet Implementations – June 11, 2003

This presentation discusses the current environment for RosettaNet implementations, briefly highlights the cost and risk of undiscovered errors in software, and provides support for the cost-effectiveness of automated testing for RosettaNet PIP implementations.

Through the Jump-Start Solution Suite from Drake Certivo, trading partners can reduce implementation cost and effort significantly, and greatly reduce the risk and cost associated with embedded errors.

“Seizing The Potential of Global B2B Standards…” – November 14, 2002.

This webinar explains several key and emergent standards vital to successful e-business and to realize business value.

The presentation outlines standards like EAN.UCC XML System, ebXML, RosettaNet®, CPFR®, the transition from EDI to XML, and their role in realizing ” web services–UDDI, SOAP, and other emergent Web Service trends. “

If you missed this webinar–the complete presentation is available for download. Click the link below to download the PDF version. Additional webinar series will be added. Check back for upcoming webinars and events.