Drake Certivo has forged strategic alliances with organizations on the leading edge of e-business to create a robust and well-rounded partner and affiliate ecosystem.

The ubiquitous reach of the Internet allows companies to transact business around the world faster and easier than ever before. E-business standards take it one step further, offering dynamic, flexible trading networks, operational efficiency and new business prospects, while also affording companies the opportunity to compete and thrive in the digital economy.

RosettaNet, a consortium of more than 450 of the world’s leading Electronic Components, Information Technology, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Solution Provider companies, is a self-funded organization dedicated to creating, implementing and promoting open, XML-based standards for the high technology sector. These standards form a common e-business language through the sharing of electronic business information, aligning processes between trading partners on a global basis.

The mission of the Uniform Code Council, Inc., is to take a global leadership role in establishing and promoting multi-industry standards for product identification and related electronic communication. The goal is to enhance supply chain management thus contributing added value to the customer.

Pixion, Inc. is the world leader in Client-Server-Client™ (CSC) Web conferencing solutions for businesses demanding secure, scalable and cost-effective interactive web meetings. Pixion is committed to providing real-time, Web-centric business communications that enable spontaneous communication and collaboration—with anyone, anywhere.

Drake Kryterion Inc. (DKI), has offered high quality online and computer-based assessment solutions to thousands of students and employees at corporations, educational institutions, associations and government institutions worldwide.